Palawan Map


Palawan has been included in the list of protected areas, thus becoming the biggest nature reserve in the world. Aside from snorkeling and swimming, Palawan Islands Philippines provides viable opportunities for underwater exploration. The Tubbataha Reef Marine Park is recognized as the top dive site in the country. In fact, the reef’s two atolls, which are ten to twelve hours away from the capital, are included in the World Heritage Site.
Likewise, it is home to several varieties of invertebrates and reef fishes as well as the Tubbataha shark.

Moreover, Palawan provides guests with foot trails leading into the rain forest. One of these trails, the Monkey Trail, offers an excellent view of the tropical plants and animals. It is a well-maintained chain of wooden steps leading to the main ranger station. There are cottages and camp sites making it an ideal place to spend the night. However, the trip will take about one hour so the tourist will have to be physically fit. It is believed that this activity can be “a religious experience.” At dawn, visitors will be awakened by the singing of tropical birds.

Palawan islands Philippines is generally mountainous but not volcanic. Mt. Mantalingajan is the highest peak in the province at 2086 meters. However, travelers should be careful when traveling to the untapped terrains of the province because it can be a haven for mosquitoes. It is advisable to take anti-malaria pills for safety reasons.

Finally, the northern section of Palawan provides a wide array of island beach resorts and abounds with reserves and parks. Overall, one would always have a guarantee of having a great time when visiting Palawan islands Philippines.